“One bright day in the last week of February, I was walking in the park,
enjoying the threefold luxury of solitude, a book, and pleasant weather.”
From Anne Brontë’s Agnes Grey

Calderstones Park

We’re very lucky at The Storybarn, being able to call the beautiful Calderstones Park “Home Sweet Home”. We’re surrounded by trees of every colour and size, there are hundreds of flowers to smell and if you keep your eyes peeled, you might just see some of our resident squirrels bobbing about on the search for nuts.

So if you come out to the park today, here’s what else you’ll find on our doorstep:


Next door to The Storybarn, you’ll find our yummy Ice Cream Parlour, serving 25 delicious flavours of Cheshire Farm Ice Cream alongside a range of hot drinks and refreshments all year round. You can even buy special doggy ice cream for your four legged friend to help them cool down on a sunny day!


Serving up breakfast, lunch, sandwiches, salads, soups and snacks – as well some tasty treats for dessert – you can grab something scrumptious to go, enjoy a bite sitting outside in the sunshine, or find a cosy corner in the cafe to avoid the rain. You’ll also find a few bookshelves to browse while you wait.

The Cafe is open Monday – Sunday, 8.30am – 6pm. Menus are regularly updated on a seasonal basis with homemade specials to savour. Vegan and Vegetarian dishes are available too.


You can explore the whole park with the help of our handy map. Download it here, or pick up a copy at The Storybarn or Ice Cream Parlour.


There’s lots to see at Calderstones Park from the miniature railway to the oldest tree in Liverpool:

The Mansion House and Calder Stones

In Spring 2019 we will bring the Mansion House back to life and open the doors to the new International Centre for Shared Reading in Calderstones Park. The hard work to bring the building back to it’s former glory is now underway with John Turner Construction Group on site, but The Reader have been building the foundations of a community hub here since 2013.

We’ll also be bringing the Neolithic Calder Stones, from which the park take’s it’s name, back to their former glory through specialist conservation carried out by Orbis Conservation Ltd, and rehousing the standing stones at the heart of the Mansion House’s heritage offer

The Allerton Oak

Over a thousand years old, the Allerton Oak is the oldest living thing in Liverpool! It’s branches are now so big they have to be held up with metal stilts.

The Miniature Railway

The model engineering club based at Calderstones Park meet around 2pm on Sundays, delighting visitors with two battery electric locomatives, Harthilland Casper, and sometimes, live steam locos too. Rides are free although donations are gratefully accepted.

Play Parks

There are two play parks to be explored at Calderstones Park – a soft one, and a more adventurous wooden one.

The Gardens

There are three beautiful gardens full of flowers, plants and ponds. Explore the Ornamental Garden, spot some fish in the pond at the Old English Garden, and try the stepping stones in the Japanese Garden.

The Lake

We have a lot of visitors to the lake all year round, you might spot some Canada Geese, a Heron or the Cormorants (real life Liverbirds!) and there have been reports of seeing terrapins sunbathing on logs on the lake.