National Curriculum Links

Reading for pleasure, UNESCO

Schools at The StorybarnIn line with National Curriculum targets, pupils visiting The Storybarn will:

  • Be encouraged to read for pleasure.
  • Be encouraged to link what they read or hear read to their own experiences.
  • Participate in discussion about what is being read to them, taking turns and listening to what others say.
  • Be taught to develop their understanding through speculating, hypothesising and exploring ideas. This will help them to clarify their thinking as well as organise their ideas for writing. 
  • Produce creative work, exploring their ideas and recording their experiences.
  • Use drawing, painting and sculpture to develop and share their ideas, experience and imagination.
  • Learn about significant historical events, people and places in their own locality.
  • Be encouraged to lead healthy, active lives.
  • Take part in outdoor and adventurous activity challenges.

For further details and availability or to speak to us about free Storybarn Membership, email or call us on 0151 729 2227.